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Tempat kerja fleksible dengan layanan terbaik

What is Coworking Space?

Coworking space is a flexible way of working with a shared workplace, different from working in general. Coworking Space prioritizes collaboration, sharing. where the workers there besides being able to share places can also share information & experiences.

What are the Benefits ?

  1. Conducive work environment
  2. Share knowledge, experiences & insights with other residents
  3. Build a community
  4. Increase opportunities for cooperation with other residents
  5. You will get everything you need for work
  6. Prices tend to be cheaper than conventional offices
  7. Eliminate boredom because of a pleasant office atmosphere
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What do you get from Coworking Space ?

Work desk

Choose a place where you are comfortable working.

Super Fast Internet Wifi

Fast internet to help your work.

Free coffee & tea

Free coffee & tea to accompany you to work

Printing & Scanning

Printer, Scanner to support work needs

Networking Event

Monthly events to add to your insight

Receiving letters & packages

Service for receiving letters & packages addressed to you

Professional Reception Service

Professional receptionists who will help your day

Global Network

Global networking to expand your business network

Meeting Room

Access more than 100 meeting rooms in 50 locations for your business needs

// Bring your laptop, choose your desk and get to work



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Weekly Plan

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